Olympic Skier and Jaguar Team Up For Record Breaking Wagon Ride

If there’s one thing that Jaguar is always up for, it’s a challenge. One way this shows is in the wild stunts they perform when releasing a new model, sometimes leading a broken record or two. The latter is certainly true in the case of the XF Sportbrake, which recently took on the benchmark for the top speed reached by a skier towed by a vehicle.

That skier was Graham Bell, an Olympian who would have the skills to take on the attempt. While the previous record of 70 mph may not seem fast, we imagine skiing behind a speeding wagon like the Sportbrake is tougher than it looks. But together, Bell and the XF Sportbrake pulled it off. They didn’t just beat the previous record, but smashed it—hitting a top speed of 117 mph in their test. Better yet, you can witness the whole thing go down in the video above.

But “record-breaker” is just one of many notches in this new Jaguar’s belt. Performance, utility, and that Big Cat style that’s impossible to ignore are also present. To learn more, including availability and pricing, contact our Madison, NJ showroom as it’s convenient.

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