About The Jaguar Future Type


Jaguar has introduced a new concept vehicle, entitled the Future-Type. The automaker has a few ACES up it's sleeve with the new model. Literally. The automaker has announced it's plan for 2040 and beyond, and it's name is ACES, which stands for autonomous, connected, electric, shared mobility

Jaguar ACES

To better understand what ACES truly entails, allow us to explain it a bit more:

  • Autonomous: In 2040 and beyond, Jaguar vehicles will be fully autonomous, meaning they'll drive themselves. However, Jaguar says the option to turn off the autonomous feature, allowing you to enjoy driving yourself, will still be available.
  • Connected: Passengers will be able to remotely and electronically stay connected with their home sphere, work sphere, and play sphere through their Jaguar vehicle, or Sayer, their personal assistant/steering wheel. Sayer is features on the Jaguar Future Type concept.
  • Electric: All vehicles in Jaguar's future will be fully electric.
  • Shared Mobility: Jaguar envisions both individual and shared vehicle ownership in its' future. Sayer, Jaguar says, may be the only part of Jaguar vehicles that people own in the future. Some, who prefer private cars, will be able to purchase them, but there will not necessarily be that need in the future.
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