What Does Your Exhaust System Actually Do?

Your car's exhaust system is a complicated array of mechanical components, all working together to both reduce environmentally harmful emissions and reduce the noise made by your vehicle. A failure in this delicate system can be disastrous for both you and anyone else on the road.

The exhaust system works by moving gas through the pipes, analyzing them with oxygen sensors, refining them in the vehicle's catalytic converter, then, finally, moving them through the muffler to reduce noise. By the time the gases leave the vehicle, they've gone through a number of complex systems, which have caused your vehicle to run more smoothly, have less impact on the environment, and emit reduced noise.

If you believe that your exhaust system may need repairs or even replacement, and you're in the Madison area, then stop by our service center at Jaguar Morris County, where we can handle any issues you have, and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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